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my little entry

Name: bec

gender: gal

Location (optional) : sydney

age: 17

favorite JM song: too many to choose, each has a part that i connect with

favorite lyric and why: again, WAY too many, but let's just go with, well actually this is a highly liked favourite... 'Everything happens for a reason' is no reason not to ask myself if im living it right

ever been to live performance, if more than once how many: twice! the 2 times johny boy has been to sydney that i could go...(his first, i was devastated to discover was for 18+ :'( i WAS SO UPSET)

what other type of music do you listen to other that johns: acoustic guitar, jack johnson, ben harper, daniel bedingfield, the beautiful girls, donavon frankenreiter, goo goo dolls, josh kelley, maroon 5, matchbox twenty, michael buble, michelle branch, missy higgins, pete murray, sarah mclachlan, switchfoot, train, van morrison, vanessa carlton, xavier rudd, yellowcard, tim hughes, g love and special sauce, ok there are like a million more, but really and truly it comes down to john, jack and the switch boys

What will you bring to this community: info about john without having to talk about how he looks, cause i love his music, and his wit, not his looks

First time you heard John Mayer's Music: WAYyyyyyyyy back when, i listened to the cd at work and then went straight out and bought it, Room For Squares was the first album i EVER bought!! i can still remember listening to it the first time in my room, No Such Thing just blasts 'summer', and then i went and got Inside Wants Out, and so on and so on, so i have all of his cds, i had to replace RFS and Heavier Things because they were stolen, and then i bought my ex RFS and As/Is TWICE! because it was stolen too :'(

Your dream guy has the features, i don't know really!! but ok i would settle
for brad pitt!! hahah well blonde,brown, HAS to have NICE hair, nice eyes,
great smile, good sense of humour, has the same interests as me, plays guitar...well!! is a Christian, tan, good dress sense, and loves me and can put up with me!!!
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