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My Entry!!

Name: Caity
gender: Female
Location (optional) : Melbourne, Australia!!
age: 16
favorite JM song: All of them but i love covered in rain and i love the start of Neon - especially in the album as/is - Houston. :)
favorite lyric and why: My stupid mouth! Its so true! haha
ever been to live performance, if more than once how many: Yes 2 - One main one.. and one private one (i won tickets cos i was calling the radio station 24 hours all weekend off like 6 different phones and finally on the last day i got through and i was crying on the radio cos i got the tickets - yes im sad but i got to see him eith about only 50 other people!!)
what other type of music do you listen to other that johns: I listen to any thing really.. Eskimo Joe, Goo goo dolls, black eyed peas, Damien Rice, Linkin Park and Jay Z, anyone really.
What will you bring to this community: Fun and excitment hopfully!! :)
First time you heard John Mayer's Music: My brother introduced him to me a few years back... i fell in love with him straight away!
Your dream guy/girl has the features...: Good body, gorgeous smile, beautiful eyes, great humour and personality!!
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