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Gotta Love The John

Name: Tabitha

Gender: Female

Location: McHenry, IL

Age: 14 ( I know I am only 14 but I am not a teeny bopper, I like JM just like anyone else that is older cause people judge by my age ^-^)

Favorite JM Song: My favorite would have to be (of course since my name is the song) Covered in Rain,but I do enjoy all his songs.

Favorite Lyric & Why: I love all his lyrics, they all just relate to me and just get me through tough times and even when I am happy they just fit my mood and my life. I know that sounds cheesy. I like this one though (to give you an example): "When autumn comes, it doesn't ask, it just walks in where it left you last, you never know, when it starts, until there's fog inside the glass around your summer heart." -- Something's Missing <3 That line just says so much. ^-^

Ever been to a live performance, if more than how many: I went to his concert last year in Chicago, it was an awesome concert, one of the best times I've had!  But, I've only been to 1 concert, hoping to go to more once he starts touring around by me.

What other type of music do you listen to other than Johns: I listen to lots of music but John's my all time favorite: New Radicals, Vanessa Carlton, Jesse McCartney, The Donna's, Phantom Planet, Filter, All American Rejects, Ryan Cabrera, Kanye West, Fiona Apple, ... ( I listen to all kinds of music as you can tell lol)

What will you bring to this community: My love for John, and I have like billions of pictures of John cause yanno how cute he is! And I'll bring tons of updates on John!

First time I heard John's music: Yanno, I think I heard him like in 2002? I believe I was getting my haircut lol and I was like oh wow who is this person singing he is awesome (No Such Thing) for the longest time I couldn't figure out who it was until when his song was done they said his name (it was fate lol) haha

Your dream guy/girl has the features...: Hmm, well I really like a guy who listens and has a sense of humor and doesn't mind when I hang out with friends once in a while and doesn't get jealous. I would like to have a guy who is sensitive but doesn't cry every 5 seconds lol. I also like guys who have beautiful eyes, to me eyes tell a lot about a guy.

Thanks for reading and I hope to be in the community and have lots of talk about Johnny! :) <3

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