kaywa (kaylashae) wrote in johnmayer_heart,

Location (optional) :SC
favorite JM song:Love Song For Noone
favorite lyric and why: I adore you but there's a hole in the cup that should hold your love
Idk why.just always has been my favorite,lol
ever been to live performance, if more than once how many:sadly,no
what other type of music do you listen to other that johns:every single kind you can think of!
What will you bring to this community:Adoration for John !:D
First time you heard John Mayer's Music:Riding in a vehicle with my cousin about oh..3 years ago.
Your dream guy/girl has the features...:Awesome sense of humor and personality,tall,brown hair & eyes!
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Woo hoo!!!
I love your Icon. Is it off a movie or something? Also where's SC? I prob sounds so stupid!! But im from Down Under and look... im not all that into knowledge of states!! lol

You've gotta see John live!!! He is awesome!!