~*~Crystal~*~ (crystalcheer22) wrote in johnmayer_heart,

Name: Crystal
gender: female
Location (optional) : Lincoln Park, MI
age: 17
favorite JM song: Is all of them an option? If not, Covered In Rain
favorite lyric and why: "There's a hole in the cup that you hold my love" -Only Heart
ever been to live performance, if more than once how many: Two, Palace of Auburn Hills November 2003 and DTE Energy August 2004
what other type of music do you listen to other that johns: Everything except country. I love The Killers, Ryan Cabrera, 80s music, tons of stuff. But no country.
What will you bring to this community: Spirit and fun!
First time you heard John Mayer's Music: Downloaded online
Your dream guy/girl has the features...: Tall, tan, handsome. Abs. Nice smile!
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